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The 4 Dimensions of the Athlete

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Definitions of the 4 Dimensions:

  • Mental: All the emotions that lead the Athlete to act; e.g: anger, excitement, frustration, adrenaline, etc ...

  • Physical: All the energy resources that lead the Athlete to act; e.g: lifestyle, sleep, body, nutrition, etc ...

  • Tactics: Set of decisions taken by the Athlete to respond to an in-game situation; e.g: game vision, rota timing, fight take, type of spawn, etc ...

  • Technical: Set of motor means which allow the Athlete to play his game; e.g: construction mechanics, Aim, editing mechanics, change of combat rhythm, etc ...

What is the Trouble Zone?

Zone in which the Athlete can no longer perform and begins to "frustrate his game". If the level of one of the dimensions falls into this area, it is very difficult to come out because all the dimensions are linked and the Athlete gradually sinks. The overall level of play necessarily drops. It is therefore essential to work on these 4 dimensions to build an average level of play on which the Athlete can build his bases.

E.g : if a player lacks too much sleep, his physique will not be good enough. The Athlete will be more likely to get angry, which will lead to inconsistent decisions in his game and thus make him doubt his mechanical level (ex: I push anyhow with only 150 HP and bad stuff, I lose my duel because the opponent had an advantage => I doubt my technical capacities because of a bad decision due to my anger which comes from my lack of sleep).

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